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Please read this page in full before registering


Important Dates


Phase One: OCTOBER 6-8th 
Close: November 1st 


DECEMBER 15th 2022



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Credit card payment is made online

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There is a $25 additional soloist fee for soloists that are not attending with a group. Solos/Duos/Trios must be in a group to be eligible for Provincial Finals. 

Soloist Policy

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To consider when registering

Tournament Outline

FINALS (Section One)
dances once at the end of the event

dances twice across two advancement rounds after the finals event



The Pre-Competitive divisions do not participate in the Finals or the Tournament. Competitive Tier Three, Competitive Tier Two and top seven Competitive Solos/Duos/Trios advance to the Finals. Competitive Tier One groups from each age advance to the multi-round tournament which starts after finals.


-Reservations close November 1st, event dates will be confirmed shortly after.
-Registration (routine data) is due by December 15th 2022.
-See Chart above for Payment Deadlines. Payment should be made to Global Dance Services. 
-There is a $25/dancer soloist fee for dancers who are participating that are not in a group. 
-Participation agreement waivers will be sent by email for digital signing.
-There is a $10,000 maximum credit card transaction per studio/season. 
-Minimum registration commitment is $500/event.
-Solos/Duos/Trios must be in a group in that event to be eligible for Provincial Finals.
-Studios must declare which dancers are not eligible for Provincial Finals.
-Music must be loaded into your online account. 
-Email the office if you have credit to apply to your account. 
-Provincial Finals commitment deadlines/payment have been moved forward for 2023. 
-Cash awards expire July 1st 2023. 

-Paradym Dance Challenge does not qualify a group in the pre-competitive division for Provincial Finals. 

-The Competitive Tier One division advances to Provincial Finals, please consider the placement of younger (5-10yrs) dancers accordingly, they may train less hours than teenagers while being introduced to company programs but should still be considered Tier One if they are "main company dancers." 

-Music is uploaded online in your account summary, please have backup music on hand at the event. 

-Photos and Videos of Paradym Dance Challenge are free, masterclass opportunities (if available, venue specific) are no charge.


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Register 2023


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