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After fifteen years of running events like Synergy Dance Competition we felt it was a time for a new event with a new twist on dance competition. This tournament-inspired event has a finals experience unlike other dance events you have seen before. Every age division has it own finals. Like a pyramid we start with a large base at the bottom and dance through three rounds until one final routine reaches the top and is declared the champion of that age division. With multiple competitive and pre-competitive levels, Paradym is a positive experience for every level of dancer and with free photos and videos for every performer the memories they make will last a lifetime. Shift your Paradym with us! 

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Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 9.13.11 PM.png


Who will be the Paradym Top Seven? 
Celebrating top seven dancers in every age division with separate awards for recreational, pre-competitive and competitive style dancers. 


Ready for something different? This tournament style format starts with the normal competition (round one) the top four groups are then announced for the finals. One group per division per studio (minimum score required) means there is great opportunity to advance in the tournament. We start the finals with four (round two) and after judging it is reduced for the last time to the final two. After the last round (round three) the division winner is declared. 


Free Photos & Videos
for Every performer

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for every dancer


Every dancer leaves with a new favourite pair of socks!



Study the Pyramids


Find the Gold 

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Win Free Apparel

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For Your Whole Team 

Find the gold under the pyramid and Win your whole Team apparel


Win a $3000 Travel credit to take the trip of your dreams

Congrats 2023 Winners
Lake Country School of Dance &

High Score
Every Session

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